Surviving a real-life

hyper-inflation dystopia

Novel reveals human impact of Zimbabwe’s societal

collapse when billion-dollar banknotes were not

enough to buy food


Double Rainbow at Full Moon is available through and selected bookstores


the author – B.A.K. Sim


B.A.K. SIM was born in Denmark, but has lived most of her adult life abroad. She has lived in 10 countries and was posted as a diplomat to Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, India and Zimbabwe. She knew the foreign service inside and out as she was trained as a Chancellor. During her tenure of offi ce she often acted as Chargé d’affaires a.i., and whilst in India she established diplomatic relations between Bhutan and Denmark.

The author is known as Dila to her many friends and colleagues spanning all walks of life. She has rubbed shoulders with ministers and politicians, international dignitaries, royalty and celebrities from television and broadcasting.

Her closest friends run the gamut from old diplomatic and business colleagues to eccentric people in art and show business. B.A.K. Sim lived in Zimbabwe for 22 years, and now lives in Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, with her Canadian husband.



This debut novel describes the experience of living on the edge, barely

managing day by day, close to basic human instincts during times of extreme

adversity. Readers feel the grip of a ruthless government whose fifth brigade is

trained by North Korea. One feels the helplessness of citizens in such catastrophic

conditions. Yet, through it all, the author captures the dignity of the African

people, the flora and the fauna, the beauty and traditions, the everlasting heritage


“Double Rainbow at Full Moon is a human and economic thriller,” says author

B.A.K. Sim. “And it is a wake-up call to the Western world about rising inflation and

economic mismanagement. I wanted to explain the consequences on our daily lives

with a money system reaching such gigantic figures, and bring this close to home,

even though the story is happening in a remote African country ruled by a dictator. The

money system was quickly flipping from trillions to quadrillions, and we all had to be

re-educated and understand how many zeroes after that with quintillions going up to


“B.A.K. Sim’s eloquent descriptive writing draws you into a thrilling yet unnerving

and astonishing journey in Zimbabwe during the financial collapse, rampant hyperinflation

and the dependence on the black market and a .38 caliber for survival,

ultimately ending with a harrowing escape,” says Phyllis Campanello, C.H.A., of San

Francisco, CA.



“One starts reading the newspaper in a new way, grasping that our own

governments have no possibility of balancing our budgets with such gigantic and

incomprehensible numbers,” says B.A.K. Sim. “Makes you wonder, are we in North

America and Europe on that same route of disaster?”

Double Rainbow at Full Moon by B.A.K. Sim, published by Agio Publishing House

(Victoria, BC), is available in trade paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-897435-90-8;

$14.95), Kindle edition (ISBN 978-1-897435-91-5; $9.99) and ePub ebook edition

(ISBN 978-1-897435-94-6; $9.99). A Danish language edition is planned for later this


“A wonderful book creating a vivid picture of the downfall of a beautiful country,

and how this has resulted in a catastrophic lack of food, law and order. Well worth

reading.” -- A. Crawshaw, MA, Cand. phil., Copenhagen University, Denmark


Double Rainbow at Full Moon is available through and selected bookstores

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