Surviving a real-life

hyper-inflation dystopia

Novel reveals human impact of Zimbabwe’s societal

collapse when billion-dollar banknotes were not

enough to buy food


Double Rainbow at Full Moon is available through and selected bookstores


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"A day without wine is a day without sunshine"

"Why is a banana crooked"

"If you hear the cry of the fish eagle, you will

return to Africa"

"In my next life I want to be a hippo, just

stay in the bathtub all day long!"


This novel is a dramatization based on a true story of what happened

in Zimbabwe and brought this beautiful country down during

the period 2007 and 2008 with fl ashbacks to events years earlier.

Although all political fi gures and geographical sites are presented

under their real names, many characters have been disguised under

veiled appearances and fi ctive names for their own protection.



This book is dedicated to my husband, Edward, who inspired me tremendously in his struggle for survival, and for his determination and willpower in a desperate situation. I value his vast knowledge of Africa and his tremendous insight, without which this book could not have been written.



In B.A.K. Sim’s new novel, Double Rainbow at Full Moon,

Bodie and Clyde return to Zimbabwe in 2007, but the good times are all gone. With the country totally isolated, they experience shortages of food, water and electricity, endless line-ups for gas when available. With the highest inflation in the world, possibly ever in history, people have to resort to suitcases and wheelbarrows, just to carry the money! The banking system is collapsing and only by trading on the black market are people able to feed themselves.


Clyde tries to sell the factory before it is forcefully taken over by the government. In his efforts he has encounters with diamond smugglers, gold dealers, arms traffickers and other shady people. In the end he survives by producing ox-drawn carts as the clock has been turned back to the Middle Ages.

When the election in spring 2008 draws near, the same violence that shook the country in year 2000 with mass killings of white farmers, breaks loose again. Against all odds, people find solutions across racial, religious and cultural lines.


Double Rainbow at Full Moon is beautifully written – an important contribution to history and politics,” says university administrator and editor Margaret Spark. “A powerful saga, told with humour and compassion, capturing common life during troubled times, bringing out the best and the worst in people.”



the author – B.A.K. Sim

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Jealous Chikolinje & O.S.M.A. Crew - "Mahovhorosi"

Sungura sound from his 2002 album Patsanurai.

Book Reviews


Kirkus Reviewed "A well written, fascinating look at day-today life in a nation on the brink of collapse"

Forbes  "I agree with Alex: Just place yourself in front of the

 screen. Get on with it. Just like a piano. When I wrote "Double Rainbow at Full Moon - surviving the collapse of Zimbabwe," often there was no electricity so I had to opt for shorthand writing instead of computer, later I put it all together like a LEGO. To describe things, I have an imaginary friend being blind, telling her what I see makes the words come easily. Last, but not least, pay attention to the social media. I have learnt that since I started tweeting."

Amazon Reviews Brian Wilson: "This book is a MUST read not only for Zimbabweans..."

Gary Wade:   "Ex-pat Must read...."

Sonja Poulsen, Ans, Denmark:   "This book tells the world that the same could happen in the West."

Womens Book Review



Double Rainbow at Full Moon is available through and selected bookstores

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